Lamit and Associates est. 1978
Louis Gary Lamit teaches Creo Parametric at De Anza College in Cupertino,
California. Mr. Lamit has worked as a drafter, designer, numerical control (NC)
programmer, technical illustrator, and engineer in the automotive, aircraft, and
piping industries.

A majority of his work experience is in the area of mechanical and piping design.
He started as a drafter in the Detroit area in 1966 (as a job shopper) in the
automobile industry, doing tooling, dies, jigs and fixture layout, and detailing at
Koltanbar Engineering, Tool Engineering, Time Engineering, and Premier
Engineering for Chrysler, Ford, AMC, and Fisher Body. He has worked at
Remington Arms and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as a designer, and at Boeing
Aircraft and Kollmorgan Optics as an NC programmer and aircraft engineer.

He is the author of over 40 technical/engineering textbooks, workbooks, tutorials,
and handbooks and 20 books and journals on a variety of subjects (golf, fishing,
birdwatching, gardening, and children's books).

Mr. Lamit received a BS degree from Western Michigan University in 1970 and did
master’s work at Wayne State University and Michigan State University. He has
also done graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley and holds an
NC programming certificate from Boeing Aircraft.

He has taught at all levels; Melby Junior High School, Warren, Michigan; Carroll
County Vocational Technical School, Carrollton, Georgia; Heald Engineering
College, San Francisco, California; Cogswell Polytechnical College, San Francisco
and Cupertino, California; Mission College, Santa Clara, California; Santa Rosa
Junior College, Santa Rosa, California; Northern Kentucky University, Highland
Heights, Kentucky; and De Anza College, Cupertino, California.

Industrial Model Building, with Engineering Model Associates, Inc. (1981), Piping
Drafting and Design (1981), Piping Drafting and Design Workbook (1981),
Descriptive Geometry (1983), Descriptive Geometry Workbook (1983), and Pipe
Fitting and Piping Handbook (1984), Prentice-Hall.
Drafting for Electronics, (3rd edition, 1998), Drafting for Electronics Workbook
(2nd edition 1992) and CADD (1987), Charles Merrill (Macmillan-Prentice-Hall
Publishing). Technical Drawing and Design (1994), Technical Drawing and Design
Worksheets and Problem Sheets (1994), Principles of Engineering Drawing
(1994), Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics and Design (1997), Engineering
Graphics and Design with Graphical Analysis (1997), and Engineering Graphics and
Design Worksheets and Problem Sheets (1997), West Publishing (ITP/Delmar).
Basic Pro/ENGINEER in 20 Lessons (1998) (Revision 18) and Basic Pro/ENGINEER
(with references to PT/Modeler) (1999) (Revision 19) PWS Publishing (ITP).
Pro/ENGINEER 2000i (1999) (Revision 2000i), and Pro/E 2000i2 (includes Pro/NC
and Pro/SHEETMETAL) (2000) (Revision 2000i2), Brooks/Cole (ITP). IX Design,
CD book (2001) ImpactXoft. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire (2003) (Revision Wildfire)
Brooks/Cole (ITP). Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 (2004) (Revision
Wildfire 2.0) SDC. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 (2006) (Revision Wildfire 3.0)
Thomson (ITP).  Moving from 2D to 3D CAD for Engineering Design (2007),
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Tutorial (2007), MobiPocket eBook Pro/ENGINEER
Wildfire 4.0 Tutorial (2008) BookSurge, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Tutorial
(2008) MobiPocket eBook, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 (2008), Pro/ENGINEER
Wildfire 5.0 (2010), Creo Parametric (2012) Cengage Learning, Creo Parametric
2.0 (2013) Cengage Learning Creo Parametric 3.0 (2015) Cengage Learning, Creo
Parametric 4.0 (2017), Creo Parametric 5.0 (2018) CreateSpace/Amazon

Basic Creo Parametric 6.0 in 20 Lessons (2019) Amazon
Basic Creo Parametric 6.0 in 20 Lessons (2019) Amazon
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